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Iom Race For Italian Ranking (Capodimonte - Lake Of Bolsena # 28 - 29 March 2015)


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Report IOM Race for Italian Ranking (Capodimonte - Lake of Bolsena # 28 - 29 March 2015) hosted by Club Nautico Capodimonte.

The third IOM Race for the 2015 Italian Ranking with a strong presence, 33 skipper registered. Including Alex Cory GBR 34 as an international entry for the weekend racing.
The race started from the introduction of Giuseppe Dolera (Secretary of Club Nautico Capodimonte), Giuseppe Fabbri (Sporting Director) and Marco Di Giuseppe (Executive Officer), with help of young guys of Club Nautico Capodimonte, followed by the of the FIV (Italian Sailing Federation) Umpire Livia Serafini and Filippo Soffici, who proceeded to illustrate the race course.


Representing the Council Modelvela Mr. Idalgo Pierini (President) and Mr. Virginio Boglietti (Vice President) with Riccardo Bonechi and Massimo Bilancini who brought greetings from the Italian Model Yachting Federation (Modelvela Italia).
The racing started on time at 11.30 after registration and weighing with three fleets considered the number of skippers; gusty wind from the north lead to spectacular races on a course made difficult by the big waves and strong winds.
The first day ran well, with 15 races and very close racing. With Remigio Fattori showing the fleet from 1st place; very close Carlo Malara in second place. The Race Committee pushed hard to get as many races in as possible with just a short stop for lunch. At 17.30 we closed the racing for the day.


At 18.30 the IOM Class Assembly with the election of Italian IOM Secretary. After the counting of votes, congratulation goes to Luca Geri, the new Italian IOM Secretary for next two years.


In the evening a delicious dinner was orgainised by the race committee at a local restaurant.
A Sunday sunshine weather, and light and variable wind. We managed 9 races back to back. The racing was very technical with light winds and many windshifts.
The event closed at 16.30 with an awards ceremony honored by the mayor City of Capodimonte
Mario Fanelli, and President Club Nautico Capodimonte Natalino Bellavia, which saw the first place Remigio Fattori of of LNI Sorrento, second place for Gian Rudoni (Viareggio), in third place Ivan Ronconi (Ravenna), in fourth the GBR skipper Alex Cory of Gosport.

At following link the Video of the event:



Like member of the Club Nautico Capodimonte express my deep gratitude to all the friends, and especially to our President Natalino Bellavia and to Dante Bruni for their suggestions, to Club Director Giuseppe Fabbri and to Secretary Giuseppe Dolera for support and expertise, to Paolo Bellesi and Eugenio Pontecorvo who helped me in many situations.


Thanks goes to FIV Umpire Livia Serafini and Filippo Soffici for the great job, to Mario Fanelli Mayor of Capodimonte that during the award ceremony brought the greetings of the City, and to Umpire Head of IV Zone FIV-Lazio Giorgio Rossi who through his experience has supported the race committee and the President Modelvela in the management of some issues raised during the event.


Thanks to all People of Club Nautico Capodimonte for the wonderfull job.


The Club Nautico Capodimonte wishes Happy Easter to all Model Yachting World fans.


Kind regards,

Marco Di Giuseppe

Club Nautico Capodimonte


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