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Arrêt De La Construction De Coques Chez Sailsetc :-(

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Some sad news………

SAILSetc has been a provider of boats in many forms from hull mouldings through to completed and almost ready to sail boats since 1989. Towards the end of 2014 we decided to stop building boats at SAILSetc. Component parts will be available for a short time and until stocks are depleted. As of early 2015 we are unsure what will happen in the longer term regarding use of our moulds but we will respond positively where we are able to do so.

This step means we say goodbye to Katherine dos Santos Fernandes, who has been producing boat related mouldings since 2006, and Agustin Moreno who has been with us since 2010. We wish them well for the future. Over the 25 years we have been building boats we have employed two people for most of that time and have built over 1400 boats across the RG65, IOM, M, 10R, 6 Metre and A Classes. During that time many builders, including Ian Cole, Phil Playle, Robert Brown, Richard Moroney, Mike Clifton, Robert Grubisa, Al McMeekin and Denis Astbury have refined and expanded their skills while here and, in many cases, have gone on to do great things elsewhere. We have been privileged to provide top quality boats for customers throughout the world of radio sailing, many of whom have become good friends, and we have enjoyed hearing of their successes. It has been good fun but, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end.



Vu là : http://sailsetc.com/magento/index.php/developments/


Les IOM sont déjà construits ailleurs, pour les M et autres par contre pas d'infos pour le moment.

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